Ealing Beer Festival

26th Ealing Beer Festival


Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, W5 5BG.

Dates and Times:

The Festival runs from 8-11 July 2015

Admission Prices:

The prices are 4 for non-members and 2 for CAMRA members

Volunteering at the 26th Ealing Beer Festival

We will take volunteers from late February 2015.


Any general enquiries about the festival should be sent to info@ealingbeerfestival.org.uk. Please note we do not need any more caterers.


There are no advance tickets on sale - please pay at the door.


We operate cash bars. Payment by debit and credit card is only possible for books and clothing etc.
Sorry but we do not have the facilities to operate credit/debit card ‘tabs’ for drinks.
If you have change, please use it whenever you can.
We take £50 notes on the door and will change them at the CAMRA products stand but please do not use them at the bars.

Door policy:

Our staff have the same legal rights and obligations as pub licensees and can refuse admittance. For security reasons a bag check may be required. We also require proof of age for those under 25. Anyone who is behaving in a way which is likely to cause a danger to others will be removed from the site.


Children are allowed in free until 8pm. For safety reasons we request that all children leave the site by this time. Baby changing facilities in the disabled toilet.


We do allow dogs but not in the marquees. If they become aggresive you will be asked to take them from the festival site.


This is prohibited by law anywhere inside the marquees. When smoking in the park please use the ashtrays provided.

Queuing and safety precautions:

We have to operate to a strict limit on numbers in the festival.

If we have had to introduce a ‘one out, one in’ routine and you have had to queue for any time, we hope that you will accordingly appreciate why that was.

Although they are unpaid volunteers, a number of our stewards are fully SIA trained and accredited so please take notice of any announcements or requests from our stewards. Their only aim is to keep you safe.


We attempt to provide sufficient seating but there will never be enough for everybody. If dry you may wish to sit on the grass, otherwise feel free to bring a blanket.

Please do offer seats to those less able to stand and please do not reserve seats for those who have not arrived.


Music bookings will be take from 2015.

CAMRA Membership:

Pubs are disappearing at an alarming rate. Whilst London has been lucky in recent years with the growth of small (and not so small) breweries, with over fifty now producing all types of beer, there are now fewer places to drink them in!

If you have an interest in real ale and the pubs that serve it, why not join CAMRA and be one of over 161,000 members.

CAMRA is a not-for-profit body that is run locally and nationally by elected, unpaid volunteers and is completely independent of any commercial interest.

While we need activists, our strength is also in our numbers and, if you drink real ale in a pub, that in itself is positive campaigning.

For more information please come and see us at the Membership Stand.

Beers & Ciders

The Beer and Cider order process will start again in 2015

Selection policy and LocAle:

CAMRA’s LocAle campaign is very important to us but both the Pig’s Ear Festival last December and the recently held London Drinker Festival heavily feature London beers. We will feature several local West London breweries but we tend to spread our net more widely to bring you what we hope is the best in British real ale.

Beer prices:

All our beer is purchased from the breweries or beer distribution companies on normal commercial terms.

Ealing Beer Festival follows CAMRA guidelines in charging what is reasonable for the area without seriously undercutting local pubs or excessive overcharging.

Cider and perry:

We will have a range of ciders and perries which have been carefully selected from small and medium producers.


In line with CAMRA policy, our beers are served in oversized, lined glasses - both pint and half pint glasses are available. All beer glasses have a 1/3 pint line and are 3 from the glasses stand..

Beer and cider/perry of the Festival:

This will be announced shortly.

Foreign beers:

As ever, we had a good range of imported beers selected by Bar Manager Adam Miller from his wide personal knowledge.


One again we had English wines made from grapes and other fruits. A selection of meaads was also available.

Soft drinks:

Free tap water will be available behind the bars. Other soft drinks can be purchased from the soft drinks bar.


Applications can be made from 2015.


Sorry we will not be showing any sporting event.

Other London Area Festivals:

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This event is organised and staffed entirely by volunteers, not just from West Middlesex Branch but also most other London branches of CAMRA and throughout the country.
No volunteer gets paid and all funds generated are passed to CAMRA centrally to be used for campaigning.
Thanks are due to all of those who have put in a lot of hard work and have given up many hours of their free time.


St John Ambulance logo

We are continuing our support for St John Ambulance who will again be in attendance this year.


The West Middlesex Branch of CAMRA would like to thank our sponsors, advertisers & Ealing Council for their support for the Ealing Beer Festival. We would also like to thank Mike Flynn and CAMRA South West London for the design of this website.